Arboria Green Care

At the heart of Arboria is our team of Plant Technicians who provide ongoing maintenance of our clients’ interior plants. Our friendly Plant Technicians guarantee the health of your plants, by watering, fertilizing, relocating, and pruning on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule. Should the health of your plant falter under our green care, we will replace it at no charge. This horticulturally trained team provides a consistently knowledgeable and professional service.

Color Rotation

With this service, flowering plants are changed seasonally or as specified. Color Rotation is designed for unique spaces, such as reception desks and public seating areas. , and spaces that have little to no natural light. Our Plant Technicians will deliver and install new plants as needed, to provide color and to brighten up the space. The Color Rotation program is a way to brighten your space and ongoing rotation of our seasonal flowering plants, such as fall chrysanthemums, Eater lilies, poinsettias, and bromeliads.


Our greenhouses are filled with an impressive inventory of live plants, lifelike plants, and planters, year round.  These are available for rental which make an impact for staging homes, beautifying a venue, or for decorating a special event.

Outdoor Plant Design

Plants have the power to create an incredible first impression. Greet visitors to your workplace or office building with natural beauty by investing in exterior planters. Arboria works with all kinds of businesses to beautify their entryways with designs as unique as the companies themselves.  Our Plant Designers will work with you to create a welcoming design that change with the seasons.

Lifelike Plants

If your space doesn’t have the right lighting conditions to foster growth and nurture the benefits of live plants, we recommend lifelike plants.  The Arboria Green Care service can be applied to lifelike plants. We dust and clean the plants on a regular basis to make sure that they look like living plants.