Residential Design

When you invite us into your home, our intention is to introduce plants to it that will enhance its ambiance for you and your family. Plants enrich the home with a sense of warmth. You will notice an improved sense of well being, cleaner quality of air, and a sense of tranquility.

Corporate Design

Plants are an integral part of the human experience of any space. A corporate or public space that includes plants make your employees and clients feel great, be more positive and more productive, Whether you want to make a bold statement using plants or simply a subtle enhancement of your space using plants, our designers and our comprehensive design process will create the perfect solution for your business.

The Design Process

  • a. Consultation

    The design process begins with an on-site consultation. Our Plant Designer will ask questions to understand the vision for the space, the motivating factors for using plants in the space, and finally the goal that is desired.

  • b. Site Survey

    The Plant Designer will survey the space by taking measurements, pictures and light readings. These details will inform the design by determining which plants and planters may be used successfully. The size and temperature of the space is also important to consider, as well as whether the plant will be visible to the occupants of the space, so that they can reap the maximum well-being benefits of a connection to nature.

  • c. Design Stage

    The Plant Designer will present a number of design solutions and visual images of an interior plantscape that will thrive. A quotation will be provided.

  • d. Installation

    Once the design is finalized and approved, our team will deliver and install the plantscape. Our fleet of heated vehicles ensures the safe transport of plants in all weather conditions.

  • e. Arboria Green Care

    At the heart of Arboria is our team of Plant Technicians who provide ongoing maintenance of our clients’ interior plants. Our friendly Plant Technicians guarantee the health of your plants, by watering, fertilizing, relocating, and pruning. Our services also include cleaning plants and containers, staging the plants, monitoring soil levels, providing disease and pest control and ensuring an optimum appearance on a weekly schedule. Should the health of your plant falter under our green care, we will replace it at no charge. This horticulturally trained team provides a consistently knowledgeable and professional service.

Book a Consultation Now

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